The Radio Holland Veterans Club (RHVC) emerged form the “Marconi Veterans Committee”

The definition of a Marconi Veteran was specified as follows

“A total of 25 years service with one or more of the Companies In the Marconi Group, or elsewhere in the interest of that Group.”

An archived Menu card shows that the first reunion of this committee was held on 29 November 1928 in the Holborn restaurant in Chelmsford. It states: “Reunion, as the guests of Senatore Marconi, of employees of the Marconi Companies who have 25 years service”

This Menu is at the same time a historic document showing the development of Radio with

  • “Our Bridging of Space – with the several experiments of radiotelegraphy links and
  • “Our Milestones of Progress – with the numerous developments of the Marconi Company

In 1935 the Club of Dutch Marconi Veterans was founded and consisted of 9 members: Kroes, Walrave, Meijer, Stroink, Magnée, ten Hacken, Morel, Broek en Steverink. On 9 november 1935 the 1st Reunion took place under chairmanship of  Mr. R.C.A. Kroes. This tradition continued till 28 oktober 1938 when the 5th Reunion was organised with chairman J.W. ten Hacken. The number of members grew to 24. During World War II and the years of rebuiliding the activities were suspended.

In 1953 Mr Steverink initiated the 6th Reunion of the Dutch Marconi Veterans. On January 31st 1935 the Reunion was held in restaurant Hollwood in the Leidschestraat in Amsterdam under chairmanship of Mr. G.TH.J. Steverink being treasurer and secretary as well.

In the presence of 27 Veterans the name Marconi Veteran Club was changed to the Radio-Holland Veteran Club as in the meantime 75% of the members originated from Radio-Holland (the others from SAIT Nederland before 1916). The RHVC had already grown to 160 veterans of which a great number are RH-pioneers of the very early start of the company.

In the years to follow the number of RH Veterans keeps growing and the meetings maintained the traditions such as:

  • The RH Veteran Pin with the image of Marconi (which is pinned by an older RH-Veteran to a newcomer)
  • Appointing a new chairman of the next Reunion
  • the commemoration of the deceased Veterans
  • welcoming the new Veterans
  • the ups and downs of Radio Holland since the previous Reunion, and
  • a Toast on Radio Holland’s future.

On 16 oktober 2010 the 45th RHVC meeting took place under chairmanship of Mr Jan Schenk shows that these traditions are still in place. Since the foundation the membership increased from 9 people in 1935 and 160 in 1953 to 477 veterans in 2010.

Since 13 September 2012, the Dutch Radio Holland organization has been merged with the company Imtech Marine & Offshore and continues as the operating company Imtech Marine Netherlands BV. The consequence of this merger is that no new RH Veterans will be appointed.

On 22 March 2014 the 46th Radio Holland Veteran Reunion was held with 119 participants of the 392 RH Veterans. Under the chairmanship of Ernst Schoorel and with Rob Verbon as secretary. The Reunion was held in the company restaurant of Imtech Marine Netherlands. A decision was made that the Stichting Historisch Materiaal Radio-Holland (Historical Foundation of Radio Holland) will organise future RHVC-meetings. Henk Middelkoop was appointed chairman of the 47th meeting in 2017.

On 30 October 2015, Mr René ten Brinke CEO of RH Marine Group and chairman of the historical foundation, decided that the appointment of RH Veterans will be reintroduced and that there will be new appointments of RH Veterans. It will be investigated how many people are eligible since the stop on September 13, 2012.

13 May 2017 During the “Reunion 100 years Radio Holland” the 47th RHVC meeting took place aboard the ss Rotterdam. With 150 RH Veterans present, the chairman Henk Middelkoop was able to announce that 73 persons need to appointed as RH Veterans. A few of those people were present and were decorated accordingly. With a look of confidence towards the RHG management  he asked them to decorate the absentees during this festive year.